Heartfelt Thanks

Because of these businesses we're able to keep going. Their support keeps the lights on and the presses rolling. 

Thank you first and foremost to The City of Bremerton for the inspiration behind this project and generous support towards what are accomplishing


Pier Six Press

All posters are designed and printed at Pier Six Press, a local letterpress studio in Manette, Bremerton.  

Posters is not all they specialize in. Pier Six is your purveyor of superfine cards, stationery, invitations and art prints combining the best of 19th and 21st century technologies.

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Fingers Duke

Fingers Duke isn't your average design studio. They are a collection of awesome, creative personalities, and love a challenge. Fingers Duke is located in downtown Bremerton and always worth a visit to see whats new.

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West Sound arts council

The West Sound Arts Council is a non-profit arts organization supporting the cultural enrichment of Kitsap County.

Their goal is to bring you closer to your arts community through events, experiences and educational opportunities.

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The boat shed

The Boat Shed serves seasonal and local favorites along with all-time classics. They've been going strong for 30+ years on Manette's beautiful waterfront.