Heavy Jeens is a monthly public poster project promoting art & community in Bremerton, WA. Once a month, we create an edition of handmade posters and plant them around town to be picked up by you!

How do I get the posters?

The best way to claim a poster is to get out there and grab a wild one. Every First Friday we distribute the posters around town. They'll be in businesses and on the street. They're free—so once you find one, take it home!

Where are the posters?

They're always in First Friday locations (Downtown Bremerton, Manette, and Callow Ave.) but that's all you can count on! Every month they are someplace new, so it's all about exploring. 

Are the posters available for purchase?

A select few from each printing are for sale, but there aren't many—so the best way to claim a poster is to get out there and grab a wild one!

What's all this for?

Besides being a celebration of public & accessible art—Heavy Jeens is all about community! To find Heavy Jeens, you have to get out there & explore the city. The poster locations change month-to-month and you never know where they'll pop up next. Plus, 10% of profits are donated to local arts organizations, visit our connect page for more info.

How are these printed?

All our posters are printed by hand on big, heavy machines; machines that have been around since the 1800's. We use antique wooden type, modern illustration and old fashioned elbow grease to create our designs. Each color is applied separately and some of our posters go through the press five or six times. 

What’s With The Name?

We’re so glad you asked! Read all about it here.

Who is behind Heavy Jeens?

All posters are designed and printed at Pier Six Press, a local letterpress studio in Manette, Bremerton.  

How can I help?

There's a few ways you can help support Heavy Jeens continue to spread public art around the Bremerton, WA community. Individuals or businesses can sign up to be a sponsor, or you can join our Coveralls Club for insider-access to all things Heavy Jeens.

Another great way to help the project move forward is to spread the word on social media. Use the hashtag #ifoundmyjeens so we can find you!

Do you take artist submissions?

Right now, we are not accepting new artists to partake in the creation of Heavy Jeens. However, if you have an idea or are interested in future collaborations please email us at heavyjeens@gmail.com. All calls for submission, when they happen, will be announced via social media. Subscribe to @heavyjeens for updates. 

More Questions?
We love 'em. If you haven't found the information you're looking for on our website, please write us at heavyjeens@gmail.com