Downtown Bremerton

First Fridays, 4pm-8pm

Downtown Bremerton, accessible from the Bremerton-Seattle ferry is home to an expanding array of shops and restaurants. Some highlights include Another Castle - an old school gaming pub, Liberty Bay Books - our own independent bookstore with a fabulous selection of children's literature, Hot Java Cafe - a local meeting place with good coffee and great sandwiches (we recommend their breakfast sandwiches especially), The Historic Roxy Theater, Bremerton boardwalk and a number of museums highlighting the history of the area. There's plenty to see, do, and eat while hunting for your Jeens.



Stroll across the Manette Bridge to the quirky neighborhood known as Manette. Before joining Bremerton, it was it's own city with ferries connecting the two towns. Now it's a hip little place with shops and food. Get what we think are the best doughnuts in town at Larry and Kristi's Bakery and then check out what's new at The Weekender. It's a battle of the best coffee between Manette Daily and Saboteur, a battle where both challengers win. Throw a rock and you're going to hit an amazing place to eat. From the Boat Shed’s legendary deck, to Hound and Bottle’s snug speakeasy-like atmosphere - there's something for everyone. Nightlife here goes late, so take your time and enjoy it. Grab a glass of wine and search your surroundings.

Callow Ave. 

Our newest location! More information coming soon.